The Customer is Everything

When you’ve got something glorious to sell, loaded with the latest features and perfectly synced with it’s companion app, that comes in all the best colors and that’s won all kinds of prizes… it’s easy to forget that none of that matters, if the person you’re selling it to doesn’t fit somewhere near the very front of you’re selling equation.

A friend and fellow copywriter once revealed a secret about how he finds his best sales pitch ideas. It’s so good, I envy him for saying it first. But I’ve also used it ever since.

What he said was that, instead of sitting down with a product… and looking it over and talking about it and asking each other what’s so great about it… and then setting out to show it to the customer so he can appreciate all those great things too… trying doing the reverse.

That is, forget the product.

Ask yourself, what is it that’s really on your prospect’s mind already? What’s he worried about, excited about, angry about, or simply craving to have?

Fight the urge to only look for those things that fit what you’re selling. Resist even those things that you know you’ll be able to link up later to your general product category.

It’s the customer that’s everything, there is nothing else.

Well said, Mr. Forde.

© 2014 by John Forde
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